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Air Source was a portable air purification that used to be sold by Shaklee. As of April 2011, we could find no information about the unit on the Shaklee and assume the product has been discontinued.

Air Source (Shaklee) Models

Shaklee Company Info

Shaklee is a network marketing organization based in Pleasanton, California that was originally formed in 1956 as a nutrition and wellness company. Their primary product line still includes a variety of vitamins, diet products, cleaning products and personal products, all available through individual Shaklee distributors. Looking to broaden their reach, they eventually chose to throw their hat into the ring of the air and water purifying business. The AirSource 3000 air purifier is Shaklee’s air purification solution.

AirSource Purification Technology

The air cleaning technology of the AirSource is two-fold. Being filterless, it uses a UV lamp and oxidation to clean odors, gases and various microorganisms from the air. A negative ionization process then removes harmful particles that have become airborne. Once the particles are charged from this process they literally drop out of the air that you breathe and onto the floor where they can be vacuumed and disposed. The particles fall out of the air you breathe faster and are less likely to become airborne again because they lose their positive charge during the ionization process. This also slows the growth of future bacteria and mold in the home.

The AirSource 3000 is sometimes recommended to patients with symptoms of asthma and various allergies in order to make them more comfortable in the home. Neither Shaklee nor its distributors claim to be able to officially treat asthma or any related health condition with the AirSource 3000, as there are often a series of complex issues involved with these types of health problems.

Warranty and AirSource Purifier Filter Replacement

Each Air Source unit holds a warranty that covers material and workmanship defects for three years following the date of purchase. The Photohydroionization module responsible for the Air Source ionization process is recommended to be replaced yearly and carries a one-year warranty only.

Air Source (Shaklee) Air Purifier Models

Air Source 3000 – The Air Source 3000 is Shaklee’s larger room solution. It’s ideal to clean the air in rooms over 500 sq ft. The RGF Environmental Group out of West Palm Beach, Florida, a well-respected name in the air and water purification industry, were consulted on the design of this model. It features a quiet fan, modern-looking black design and carries high consumer ratings for its low operating cost (approximately $85.00) and easy maintenance. Suggested retail price for this model is $699.

Air Source Mobile – This unit is Shaklee’s contribution towards clean air on-the-go. It weighs about a pound and is 8”x 3.5” in diameter. It uses the same technology as its bigger brother, the Air Source, but it‘s designed to clean much smaller spaces of up to 300 ft. The Air Source Mobile air purifier features a small, plastic, cylinder-shaped unit that’s ideal for transportable cleaning in the car, hotel room, RV or small office. Yearly operating costs for this model are estimated at about $63 per year. Suggested retail price for the Air Source Mobile is $229.00.

Note - AirSource purifiers are no longer offered on the Shaklee website.  Air Purifier Guide does not recommend you purchase air purifiers that are no longer offered by the manufacturer.

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