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Swizz Style only makes one air purifier model.  The unit uses multi-step filtration that includes an activated carbon filter for some odor control.  We were not able to find any tests that measured the effectiveness of this unit.

Swizz Style Models

Swizz Style Stadler Form VIKTOR Ratings Technical Specifications

Est. Price - $400

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) ?

  • Smoke - NA / 450
  • Pollen - NA / 450
  • Dust - NA / 450

Consumer Reports ?

  • Score - NA / 100
  • Dust/Pollen/Smoke
    (High Setting)
    - NA / 5
  • Est. Yearly Cost - NA

Room Size ? : NA

Circulation ? : NA

Filter Type ? : HPP Filter Sysytem, Pre-Filter & Activated Carbon Filter

Filter Life Est. ? : NA

Size: 17.7"H x 7.7"W x 9.7"D

Weight: 10.8 lbs

Noise Level: NA

Energy Star? ? : Yes

Air Purifier Noise Chart - Decibel Ratings of Common Sounds


Decibel Rating (dB)

Falling leaves




Soft music


Mosquito buzz


Normal voices


Traffic sounds


Vacuum cleaner




Chain saw


Rock concert


Pain threshold (jet take off)


Perforation of ear drum (gun shot)

160 and higher

Swizz Style Company Info

Swizz Style is an Ohio based company that sells air purifiers and other home appliances. Swizz Style imports products of Swiss design produced by the company Stadler Form, which in turn is part of the MACH-Group. Stadler Form was founded in 1998, and is a company devoted to making designer household appliances that are both useful and emotionally appealing. Swizz Style is not the only company that distributes products by Stadler Form – other companies include Authentics Limited (based in the UK), Entrex Inc. (based in Japan), and Kohelet Import LTD (based in Israel).

Design, Testing, and Price Range

What sets Swizz Style’s air purifier line apart from others is the emphasis on designer appearance. Designed by award winning Swiss designers like Matti Walker, these air purifiers don’t just clean the air – they make a fashion statement as well. These air purifiers, which have been manufactured by Stadler Form for an unknown period of time, were tested and proved by leading European allergy and air quality labs.

The company claims that the air purifiers can run extremely quietly depending on which mode they are on. The price range of these air purifiers is from $150 to $400. They are designed to reduce household allergies by removing smoke, dander and pollen from the air and contain fragrance dispensers to further freshen up the air.

Swizz Style Air Purifier Technology

Swizz Style’s Henry Air Purifiers utilizes a five step filter process. Air sucked into the purifier first passes through a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. These filters remove odors, dust, pollen and other air particles. The air then passes through a third filter, the Plasma-Cluster filter, which takes cares of even smaller particles that may have escaped the first two filters, such as dust mites, viruses and bacteria. The fourth filter, a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) filter, combined with a UV light, gets rid of anything that the third filter missed. The fifth and last filter is an ionizer that removes the very last bits of allergens from the air.

Regarding the HEPA filter and UV light, a professional reviewer has called into question whether the Henry Air Purifier uses real HEPA filters or not and whether a small UV light like the one the Henry has actually makes much of a difference in air purification.

The Viktor Air Purifier uses a new technology called the HPP Filter System. The Viktor contains a three-stage filter system, beginning with a pre-filter that traps large particles like pet dander, dust and hair. The HPP filter then removes smaller particles, bacteria and viruses. The carbon filter then eliminates odors in the air. Other than the fact that an international patent application is pending, there is little to no further information available about the HPP filter.

Swizz Style Air Purifier Models

The company sells two air purifiers:

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